Friday, October 24, 2008

[stan] 10:45 a.m. - Songs

Song: Y.M.C.A.
Song: Macho Man
Artist: The Village People

Why: I saw that ridiculous photo from my blog post a few days ago, and that triggered not one, but two of The Village People's ridiculous songs.

That's something about The Village People, KC & The Sunshine Band, and a handful of other disco-era acts that makes me actually like their music. It's not that I like it for straightforward reasons, like most disco fans do (and certainly not for its gay themes) - it's that their music actually sounds just kind of silly. And I really do appreciate songs that have a silly quality to them, at least in the way that I internally measure silliness. I mean, there is music that most people would describe as silly - like carnival music, for example - but personally, I don't find it as silly as others do. The silliness factor to me is entirely personal. If a song's sound makes me laugh a little, then I like it.

This explains why I also like The Beauty, The Beta Band, Soul-Junk, Beck, Jim Noir and most any song that features a banjo breakdown.



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