Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[stan] 11:15 a.m. - Song

Song: Landslide
Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Why: I heard this song literally three times in the course of about 90 minutes, on the radio(s) in the background at work. I have no idea what would make the radio stations want to play this song so often.

I have never liked this song. Ever. From the first time I heard it until now. I do not know why people think it's such a good song, such an important song, etc. It's terrible. Stevie Nicks' voice is normally really annoying to listen to, but in Landslide it is over-the-top terrible. Smoke another cigarette why don't you.

When The Smashing Pumpkins recorded this song in 1994, it did not improve at all. Considering that the only direction it could go was better, it still failed. Then I heard The Dixie Chicks try it in 2002. Sure, they have some talent with the harmonies and the fiddles and what not, but they could have picked a better song. I mean, any song would have been better. Like "2 Legit 2 Quit" or maybe "Manah-Manah". Or maybe the W section of the phone book set to "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star."

(By the way, I don't usually backdate posts from two days ago - it's the 24th as I write this - but I didn't get a chance to blog this one when it was actually stuck in my head.)



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