Tuesday, September 23, 2008

[stan] 9:22 a.m. - Song

Song: The Flame
Artist: Cheap Trick

Why: I really think I need to stop listening to the radio at lunch time. Or, at least, stop listening to Mike FM. All they seem to play is these bad 80's songs, although I will concede that on a few occasions, they've played songs I actually like. Mike-FM and the lite-rock station (yes, that's l-i-t-e, I think it's required by law to spell it that way) seem to be obsessed with a certain subset of these not-so-great 80's songs. One of those is that creepy song by Benny Mardones, where he sings, "She was sixteen years old/'Leave her alone,' they said." (It's extra creepy because he was in his 30's when he recorded it. Talk about the uh-oh feeling.)

By the way, I'd much rather hear Cheap Trick's remake of "Don't Be Cruel", which was released in the same year. But I never hear them play that. It's 100 times better than "The Flame".



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