Wednesday, December 17, 2008

[stan] 8:40 a.m. - Phrase

Phrase: Panko bread crumbs

Why: I'm not really sure why this is stuck in there, except that I must have seen it on a menu or something recently. I don't even know what panko bread crumbs are, or if they are any different than regular bread crumbs. I suspect that panko is one of those words that restaurants like to put on menus to make their food look fancier, like "pan-seared" (meaning "fried") or "lightly grilled" (meaning "fried") or "aioli" (meaning "mayonnaise"). If I go in to Denny's to get some chicken fried steak (or chicken fried chicken, which is all kinds of redundant), I don't want to see "white chicken breast fillet dusted with panko bread crumbs then pan-seared and lightly grilled, served on a bed of romaine with aioli." Dude, it's chicken-fried steak!



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